Sump Pump Repair

The sump pump is a submersible pump that is located at the bottom of a pit. It is usually installed at the lowest point. Most new homes have a sump pump but older homes can also be retrofitted the system to avoid basement or crawlspace flooding.

Some of the common sump pump repairs which can easily be checked and fixed involves:

1. The Float

The float is very vital part of the sump pump and also very vulnerable. The float normally rises as the water level in the pit rises. The triggers the start of pumping of water from the pit. To test whether the float works well, put some water in the pit and observe if the float moves up as the water level goes rises and if the pump is triggered. Also, check if the pump stops pumping water from the pit when the water level goes down.

2. Sump Pit Cleaning

Items that collect in the pit can cause floating problem. This might affect the working of the sump pump as the trigger process is interfered with. Cleaning of the pit ought to be done on a regular basis even if the pump is working well. Make sure you remove any loose material from the pit.

3. Cleaning The Impeller

Sometimes debris can jam the impeller of the sump pump. To confirm if the impeller has a problem, unplug the pump and remove the connection to the pipe. Access the impeller by dissembling the pump. Check if there are any debris. If there are, remove them as these will affect the smooth working of the pump.

4. Check Electricity

In the event of the pump is completely not working, confirm if the electricity connections are okay. Ensure that the plugging to the electricity is done well and there is no problem with the circuit breaker. Confirm that the connections are fine. If the connections are fine, you may need repair or replacement to your pump.

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